Riki Takeuchi “1.2 billion yen mansion sale”, Kunihiro Matsumura “Should I enter a nursing home?”[光文社週刊誌]

Riki Takeuchi “Sale of a 1.2 billion yen mansion”, Kunihiro Matsumura “Should I go to a nursing home?

‘I don’t know how long I can keep moving.end of lifeIt’s a kind of

The magazine reported on September 13,Riki Takeuchiofcastlesale. According to the person himself, this is a grand mansion of 7LLDDK, and it is said that he spent nearly 1.2 billion yen on this house, including the purchase cost.

The sale price would be over 700 million yen, but after talking about the real intention of letting go of the house he was attached to, like at the beginning, Takeuchi continued.

“(Even though people around me have recommended moving to an apartment), recently I’ve had presidents my age and older say to me, ‘I can live in a mansion now, so that’s okay,’ or ‘Don’t don’t think about the It was recommended to me and I thought it was true.

I never made it public because I thought it would reduce my acting work, but when I was 31, I got seriously injured while shooting a movie. I’ve had back and neck surgery several times, and I’m still going through it, but there are after-effects like numbness. You think the time you can stay healthy is shorter than others.”

Takeuchi is still full of vitality, but there are praises on the Internet for anticipating the end of life.

《It’s wonderful to be able to focus on the future and finish your career while you’re still active.》

《It’s really ideal to take care of yourself while still having freedom of mind and body.》

On the other hand, Kunihiro Matsumura, the representative of “One Person” who is single while his elderly father protects the fields in the countryside, explored the end of life with this magazine.

In the September 6 issue of Weekly Flash, we asked participants to answer a checklist created under the supervision of FP. In answer to the question, “Do you have someone to support you in your old age?” Matsumura replied, “I have little relationship with my neighbors.”

Rest houseI think it would be better to get into It would be better if I could get to work from there. Please wake me up in the morning (laughs). There are people like Kinya Kitaoji who are like that.

I’m a bit lazy, but basically I’m sloppy and unfit for marriage. But there are also ways to make friends and associates in a retirement home and end your life happily.

This sentiment from Matsumura, who himself confessed to having “no preparation for the end of life,” also elicited a lot of sympathy from readers.

“The young celebrities who once took the world by storm are now in their 50s and 60s. The generation that were their fans is also aging. They are gaining attention precisely because they serve as a guideline for fans.” (entertainment reporter)

I think about it, but I can’t act. For those people, how about researching a celebrity’s “end-of-life story”?

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