Sexy Zone Kento Nakajima “Yasushi Akimoto Is Scary” Reveals Shocking Scene From “Red Nurse Call” With Victory Sato – Model press

Sexy Zone’s Kento Nakajima will appear on the radio show “Sexy Zone Qrzone” (Nippon Cultural Broadcasting / Mon-Thu 10:30-10:40 p.m.), which will be a regular group show on the 6th. He talked about the scene that made him shocked in TV Tokyo’s “Akai Nurse Call” (every Monday from 11:06 a.m. to 11:55 a.m.).

Kento Nakajima Reveals Shocking Scene From “Akai Nurse Call”

On today’s show, a message from a fan led to the topic of the most terrifying thriller drama and nonstop love “Red Nurse Call” with member Sato Katsutoshi.

When asked if he had watched the drama, Nakajima replied, “Yes!” and added, “The moment Detective Kato (Sana Horiguchi) was burned alive in Episode 6 was a real shock, and I’m going to draw that kind of death in a drama series. I thought it was the case,” and showed his surprise at the production of the piece.

Moreover, Nakajima said, “I was really shocked,” leaving a sense of disappointment at the shock. Episode 6 was about a love story between Detective Kudo (Ikeda Tetsuhiro) and Kato, so he revealed his impression by saying, “It’s too painful…He died in a fire the day he infiltrated… Eh?” Yasu, Akimoto! Terrible!”, mentioning Yasushi Akimoto, the creator of the original work.

Finally, Nakajima praised, “The ending of these 6 episodes is addictive.” “I think the quality of a drama is better if the way it dies in any drama leaves a lasting impression,” he said. (modelpress writing)

Information: Nippon Cultural Broadcasting

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