Shogo Akiyama “Free haircut for 3 years” → Surprise visit from himself “What a nice person” The reason a hair salon owner in Hiroshima was impressed : J-CAST News[Texte intégral]

Akiyama’s haircut will be free for 3 years! –. A Hiroshima City barber shop posted the following on SNS for Shogo Akiyama (34), who joined the professional baseball team Hiroshima Toyo Carp in June 2022.

Then, on September 12, Akiyama himself came to the store to cut his hair, saying, “I saw Instagram.” The owner of the carp fan was deeply moved by the unexpected surprise, saying, “I was shaking and sweating strangely.”

  • Shogo Akiyama (left) and Mr. Harino, the owner of

    Shogo Akiyama (left) and Mr. Harino, the owner of “Haircut Jiraiya”, who visited the store (Provided by Mr. Harino)

  • Akiyama's autograph displayed in the store (provided by Mr. Harino)

    Akiyama’s autograph displayed in the store (provided by Mr. Harino)

  • Shogo Akiyama (left) and Mr. Harino, the owner of
  • Akiyama's autograph displayed in the store (provided by Mr. Harino)

“I was told something like ‘I’m from Kanto for work’…”

“I was shocked, thinking, ‘You’re not lying? You’re really coming to Hiroshima.'” On September 13, 2010, Hiroyuki Harino (41), who runs a hair salon “Haircut Jiraiya” in downtown ‘Hiroshima, said in an interview with J-CAST News. At the end of June, it was announced that Hiroshima would acquire Akiyama, which left US 3A El Paso, after a battle with Seibu and Softbank.

Compared to other teams, Hiroshima is known to be more cautious when it comes to signing big players. The carp fan owner couldn’t hide his surprise when he learned that Akiyama, who holds the record for most NPB season hits, has joined the team. He then posted the following on Instagram.

“Akiyama’s haircut will be free for 3 years!”

Harino recalled, “I posted this with the sentiment ‘Welcome to Hiroshima!’ After that, Akiyama officially joined Hiroshima. After being promoted to the First Army on July 8, he became the main axis of the team. Whenever Akiyama played an active role, Mr. Harino posted on the SNS of the “Free haircut for 3 years” store and waited for Akiyama to come to the store.

On the afternoon of September 12, a customer entered the store.

“When I asked where they were from, they said, ‘I’m from Kanto for work,’ and they said, ‘It’s from Yokohama or something.’ I was doing the cut while having a conversation like there is no famous Iekei ramen shop yet.”

After the cut was completed, the customer pointed to the smartphone screen, saying, “Actually, I looked at the store’s Instagram.” What was reflected was a post of “free haircut for 3 years”. Surprisingly, that client was Akiyama himself.

“I was shaking and sweating profusely.”

“I was shaking and sweating profusely. I thought you were big and fat, but… ‘I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that. When I told him that, he said, ‘No, I will pay for “, so I paid…” (Mr. Harino)

After that, Mr. Harino got an autograph from Mr. Akiyama and took a photo with him. At first, I didn’t recognize it and couldn’t provide the “free service”. Still, it is said that “a certain word” that Akiyama said remains in his head.

“When I first went to Hiroshima, a place I did not know, I saw this post and was so happy to hear you were so supportive.” And what a beautiful person…”

Mr. Akiyama’s visit has become a hot topic among local stores. A movement like ‘Come, it’s free’ could happen in Hiroshima,” Harino says. I received the award this time, but the ‘free for 3 years’ entitlement will continue in the future.

“If you don’t mind coming back in the future, I’ll cut it every week.”

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