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09/13/2022 11:30

Harutora Murakami

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KAT-TUN’s Kazuya Kamenashi’s variety show “Ichigeki Kaikaku Variety at a Glance!!” (Nippon Television) ended on September 6. After four special episodes, he became a long-awaited regular in the main group, but was discontinued after just one year.

“Kamenashi is a regular baseball fan on the Sunday edition of “Going! Sports & News” (same). Both teams and Johnny’s team had to cast him at regularization in hopes that he would become a spell caster and variety. MC as Arashi’s Sho Sakurai, but as a result, it ended without being rated.(show writer)

I couldn’t stay on stage like young Johnny, and I couldn’t achieve results even as an MC. Kamenashi’s Variety Road seems to be difficult.

So this time we asked viewers what they wanted to use for variety shows and what they didn’t want to use. Kis-My-Ft2 was the first to submit their names.

“Takenaga Chiga and Toshiya Miyata are strong in their respective areas of specialization in beauty, anime, and voice acting. Also, each of them has fans, so it’s exciting on the internet. It’s helpful because you don’t have to actively go out to make people laugh like a comedian, but you can talk about your daily life and your preferences.” (television staff)

Others have mentioned TOKIO’s Shigeru Joshima, who is now a veteran Johnny’s affiliate.

“I would really love to hear about Jojima’s aging story. Fans might not want to hear it, but there’s definitely an audience out there who will sympathize. Better look at the demographics. Young bands are already saturated, and the fans are scattered, making it difficult to achieve explosive popularity. In this regard, TOKIO has no competing groups. It can be said that we are in a strong position, and the variety is also full charm.

On the other hand, young Johnny’s said that Snow Man Tatsuya Fukasawa, who has appeared on variety shows recently, is not a talent he wants to use.

Currently, he is appearing as an associate member (regular) on “Sakurai/Ariyoshi THE Night Party” (TBS series), and on the TV special “Ariyoshi’s Summer Vacation 2022 Close 77 Hours in Hokkaido/Furano” (Fuji TV series) aired September 3. Also appeared. Intermingled with familiar members such as Heisei Nobushi Kobushi / Takashi Yoshimura and Ungirls / Tanaka Takushi, he participated for the first time from Johnny’s office….

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