Snow Man Daisuke Sakuma & Tatsuya Fukasawa & Koji Mukai Check Out “Sure Johnny’s” Voice In Slow Motion

Snow Man’s Daisuke Sakuma, Tatsuya Fukasawa, and Koji Mukai will appear in the TBS series “Ravit!” (Monday to Friday at 8:00 a.m.) on the 13th. Jumping power casually shown has become a hot topic as “as expected from Johnny”.

Challenge the long jump rope to commemorate the anniversary of Marbled Meisei and Seiya!

Sakuma, Fukasawa, and Mukai enlivened the place by delivering gifts on comedian Shimofuri Myojo Seiya’s birthday. Even though they insisted they were a “drama group,” they firmly enveloped the studio in a whirlwind of laughs as a variety group.

In addition, at the end of the day’s opening, the 10 artists challenged the long jump rope. Although I aimed 30 times as part of Seiya’s 30th anniversary, the challenge unfortunately failed. On the other hand, every failure was checked in slow motion, and the overwhelming jumping power of Sakuma, Fukasawa, and Mukai became a hot topic.

“The jump power is amazing!” “Is this Johnny’s?”

On the net, “Long jump rope, obviously only 3 people are jumping from different heights” “Three snowmen are jumping at the same level with their legs on their thighs” “Sakkun’s jump is amazing, Isn’t it It’s like a ballerina “Snowman, unlike other people’s jumps, you can’t lose your posture no matter how many times you jump… This is Johnny’s?” It’s normal for people…” “As expected from Johnny’s”. Sakuma, Fukasawa and Mukai’s magnificent jumps and their incredible jumping power attracted attention. (modelpress editorial staff) Information: TBS

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