“Staging” for Retired Fukudome “Really Makes Me Cry” Impressive Sense of Unity “Hanshin Fans Are Warm” | Full Count

Bouquets were presented at the final Koshien and received great applause, regardless of friend or foe.

Hanshin 6-2 Chunichi (12th Koshien)

Chunichi outfielder Kosuke Fukudome, who will retire from active duty at the end of this season, is moved to tears by Hanshin’s “intelligent performance” at Koshien Stadium. The scene where the home base where he spent 8 years was surrounded by great applause, whether enemy or ally, attracts attention with comments such as “It’s a very good scene that makes you cry”, “It’s a beautiful view”. ,” and “Hanshin fans are warm.”

Hanshin the 12th – after the Chunichi War. For Fukudome, who has already announced his retirement this season and joined the 1st Army, an impressive ceremony awaits him at the final Koshien. Iwasada, Sakamoto, and Chikamoto presented a bouquet. Fukudome, who was exchanging conversations and displaying a smile, took off his hat and lowered his head several times. Coach Yano clapped on the first goal bench. “Thank you for your hard work for 24 years” was projected on the vision, and Koshien was surrounded by applause. Moreover, Fukudome headed to the outfield and bowed deeply in front of the Hanshin fans.

When this scene was posted on the official “DAZN” Twitter, fans commented, “There is no such scene, it’s proof that you were loved.” I’m sorry, I’m really retired.” In addition, “love calls” such as “I want you to wear the Tigers uniform again as a coach” and “Please , return as a coach in a vertically striped uniform” were flying.

[Vidéo réelle]”It’s a beautiful sight” and “It really makes me cry.”

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