The Switch version “Radiant Silver Gun” is now available! Dawn of Treasure STG in the late 90s revived[NintendoDirect2022.9.13](Inside) – Yahoo! News

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This work is developed by Treasure. Starting with the arcade version, the Sega Saturn version still has premium value. It is released on Xbox 360, but by releasing it on Nintendo Switch this time, we can say that an environment where more people can play is in place. The main feature of this job is that you can use 8 different weapons to challenge unidentified enemies. Plus, aim for a high score by making full use of two bonuses: the “Chain Bonus” which continues to defeat enemies of the same color and the “Secret Bonus” which defeats enemies of different colors in sequence. “Radiant Silver Gun” is now available on Nintendo eShop. The price is 2,500 yen (tax included).

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