The trial version of Square Enix’s new work “Harvestella” is now available on the Nintendo eShop! You can play up to 15 days in the game[NintendoDirect2022.9.13](Inside) – Yahoo! News

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◆ The trial version can be played up to “15 days of game time” or “Chapter 2”! The world of Harvestera, where people are tormented by the “season of death” which always comes at the turn of the seasons and withers life. Players will work with their friends to find a way to save the planet from disaster. In “Nintendo Direct”, it was announced that distribution of the trial version will begin after the broadcast. A trial version is already available for download from Nintendo eShop. According to the official Square Enix Twitter account, the trial version will allow you to play up to “15 days of game time” or “Chapter 2”. Additionally, save data from the trial version can be transferred to the product version. “Harvestera” will be released on November 4, and the price will be 7,680 yen including tax.

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