“There’s something I’m really thinking about” Yutabon Rozan’s review points to unease “You should tell the adults around you, not yourself”: J-CAST News[Texte intégral]

Two members of the comedy duo “Rozan” developed their own theory in a YouTube video posted on September 12, 2022 about Yutabon, an absentee YouTuber who became a hot topic for not being able to answer the math board.

  • From Yutabon's Instagram (@yutabon_youtuber)

    From Yutabon’s Instagram (@yutabon_youtuber)

  • From Yutabon's Instagram (@yutabon_youtuber)

“The problem is whether adults are teaching correctly”

Regarding Yutabon, while appearing on the YouTube live cast of the music group “Repezen Foxx (formerly Repezen Earth)”, he insisted that he wanted to go to Harvard University, but there was a scene where he couldn’t tell the multiplication table was getting attention.

In response to the uproar, Mr Yutabon tweeted, “It’s really funny to be serious about times tables, but the fun is over.” He claims it was just a show.

The two from Rozan developed their own theory in a video titled “[Les enfants qui ne savent pas faire de tables de multiplication]Children should be treated like children.”

At the beginning of the video, Hirofumi Suga said, “The child of a certain underage YouTuber seems to have a weird multiplication table. As a slightly different argument, I’m a little worried about the reactions of adults,” he said. declared.

Yutabon continued, “I’m not kidding, but I wonder what it’s like to be a kid with a multiplication table. Personally, I have a lot to think about.” Instead, he said. said he had doubts about the adults’ reactions to Yutabon.

“Rather than what the child does, the issue is whether the adult teaches correctly or not. For a child of secondary school age, the adult has an obligation (to the child) to ‘study. I understand what people around me are saying, but I don’t feel like people around me are complaining about this kid.”

Fuminori Ujihara also agreed with Suga, saying, “You should tell the adults around you who have an obligation to get them an education.”

“Children are treated like adults, so children don’t care.”

Based on his experience as a private tutor, Mr. Suga prefaced by saying, “To me, I don’t feel like I’m being very nice.” has explained.

“Children are treated like children. Adults are treated like adults. Children are treated like adults, so children don’t care. That’s why it’s not okay for adults to talk to children misunderstanding when you say you’re serious about clashes. When you’re in the same arena, kids think, “Adults don’t behave like that”.

Mr. Ujihara also said, “What Mr. Suga just said in the second half. I’m exactly the same.”

Mr. Suga said, “Taking care of children, treating them like children, and treating them like adults are all different, but they are all screwed up.” I also thought there was a problem.

“Some college kids look like adults.

Ujihara agrees, “I get it, I get it”, but the word “treated like a child” tends to be misused.

Adults and children “descend into the same arena”

Regarding the current situation around Yutabon, Mr. Ujihara said, “(Adults and children) are going down in the same ring. I understand the feeling that the other side is also ‘standing in the same ring’, absolutely.”

Mr Suga said: “Even if it’s not this time (about the times table), it’s like, ‘I’m making money. I make more money than the adults who say so. It’s going to happen,” and said it’s possible such responses from those around him could have a negative impact.

Mr. Ujihara said, “If you really like (something), you should tell the adults around you,” and Mr. Suga nodded, “Yeah, yeah.”

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