This time we asked the US government to introduce about 100 “Apache” attack helicopters Poland | Riding News

Where will the funds come from to buy so much?

The name of the unit deployed to the Ukrainian border as the deployment destination

On September 8, 2022, the Polish Ministry of Defense announced that it had requested the United States Department of Defense to introduce an AH-64 “Apache” attack helicopter and submitted an RFP (Request for Proposal) to the government American.

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A US Army AH-64 ‘Apache’ attack helicopter (Image: US Department of Defense).

This was discussed at a bilateral meeting of defense ministers between the United States and Poland held at Ramstein Air Base in Germany on the same day.

On this, Marius Blaszczak, Minister of Defense of Poland, said: “Our country (Poland) manufactures helicopters with two companies, PZL-Siwidnik and PZL-Mirek, but the best attack helicopter in the world is ‘Apache'”. aircraft production capacity is unfortunately limited, so we would like to acquire “Apache” (from the USA) to modernize the Polish Armed Forces. I also want to focus on the production of helicopters, this time I asked (the US government) if it would be possible to meet the demand in the form of leasing the current aircraft which the US military is equipped.”

Poland wants 96 planes. The type is the latest E type called “Guardian”, and the Polish Ministry of Defense is also requesting technology transfer from the US Department of Defense and the manufacturer Boeing.

In addition, Defense Minister Vłaszczak designated the army’s 18th Mechanized Division, which is stationed in the east of the country, near the borders of Belarus and Ukraine, as the deployment destination. He also explained that if the AH-64E “Apache” were to be deployed, it would work well with the American M1 “Abrams” tank that he plans to procure.