“Welcome Harvest Story! Wonderful Life” Announced! After About 20 Years, Slow Life in “Wasure Valley” Is Reborn[NintendoDirect2022.9.13](Inside)-Yahoo! News

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This work is a power-up work of the GameCube software “Harvest Story Wonderful Life” released in 2003. After about 20 years, the slow life in the story scene “Wasure Valley” is reborn to make it even more fun and easy to play. In addition to adding over 70 event types from the original, you can now select the main character’s gender from “male”, “female”, and “other”. There are changes such as the ability to become a family with a marriage candidate that has deepened ties regardless of gender. Further changes will be announced at a later date. “Welcome Harvest Story! Wonderful Life” will be released on January 26, 2023. The price is 4,980 yen (excluding tax).

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