Yakult suffers from corona virus again… Large number of 8 people are infected Umeno and Takahashi are positive, coach Matsumoto and others are suspected of close contacts | Full Count

No change in team activities after 13

On the 13th, Yakult pitchers Taiki Yoshida, Yugo Umeno, Yuto Kanakubo, AJ Cole, Kohei Miyadai, Andrew Suarez, Keiji Takahashi and Taichi Yamano tested positive for the new coronavirus and he announced he had been tried. Eight people are in isolation awaiting instructions from the local public health center.

Umeno, Kanakubo, Miyadai and Daiki Yoshida complained of poor physical condition on the 12th and tested positive after taking a PCR test on the same day. Suarez, Cole, Takahashi and Yamano tested positive following the regular PCR test they received on the 12th.

Additionally, strategic coach Matsumoto Yuichi and outfielder Patrick Kiblehan have been placed in self-quarantine due to suspicions of close contact. There is no change in the team’s activities after the 13th. Yakult was hit by a large number of infected people, including coach Shingo Takatsu and infielder Tetsuto Yamada in July, but from many positive people came out.

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