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The 55th judge “understands success”… After all, Otani

Southpaw CC Sabathia, who has a total of 251 wins with the Yankees, once again “strongly endorsed” Angels MVP pitcher Shohei Ohtani. Mr. Sabathia, who has often expressed on social media and podcast programs that he was in awe of Ohtani’s dynamic double-handling, said on an MLB Network show: “Ohtani is the greatest baseball player in all the time. He’s the MVP. I have to give you the MVP,” he said.

Yankees judges have hit an AL-leading 55 homers so far. He’s also within range of breaking the league record of 61 shots set by Roger Maris in 1961. Sabathia praised: “I understand Judge’s success. It’s wonderful to see him in a Yankees uniform and aim for 61 (a team record).”

Still, Ohtani’s historic success appears to be exceptional. “Judges are key for the playoffs, but Ohtani is literally the best player we’ve ever seen,” Sabathia said. “Are you saying he doesn’t need to win MVP? No, he needs to win,” he said, believing Ohtani would win MVP.

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