Yumi Matsutoya meets Yumi Arai after 100 years, “Call me back” MV will be pre-released on 9/21 Metaverse (Billboard JAPAN)

Other photos“Yumi Matsutoya with Yumi Arai” and “Call me back”, which will be pre-released this time, are based on the theme of “Beyond 50 years of time”, with newly written lyrics based on an unreleased track from 1980, and the last IA It is a work that performs the voice of Yumi Arai and the current duet of Yumi Matsutoya. In the music video for the same song, Yumi Matsutoya, who unfolds a car chase with a drone that cracks down on analog radio waves, is set in the virtual metropolis of 2072, where mankind has come to live in a virtual space as than avatars. A story that meets Yumi Arai is being worked on. Produced in full CG using the “digital human” technology used in the video production of the tour[Deep Sea Town]. Shinichi Kudo was in charge of directing the tour video. The actual filming was done in the studio, using motion capture to trace the movements of Yumi Matsutoya herself, while refining the movements to match the production. By later synthesizing the CGs based on the motion capture movement, it became possible to spawn the AI ​​Yumi Arai and Yumi Matsutoya in the same clip. During filming, there was also a scene where producer Masataka Matsutoya gave acting advice to unlicensed Yumi Matsutoya to handle realistic direction and eyes. One of the highlights is the “Arai Yumi Band”, in which all members of the group use the same avatar. Yumi Matsutoya’s 50th anniversary project “Call me back” World will open at Metaverse “XR World” starting at 11:00 a.m. on September 21. From 7:30 p.m. on the same day, a red carpet event will be organized to unveil the music video for “Call me back” for the first time. Yumi Matsutoya herself appeared as an avatar during the event. Advance reservations are not required for the event, and anyone can participate simply by accessing “XR World” from a smartphone or PC. ◎ Event Information[Projet du 50e anniversaire de Yumi Matsutoya “Call me back” World]September 21, 2022 (Wednesday) Metaverse “XR World” OPEN 11:00 ◎ Album release information “Yumin Banzai! ~ Yumi Matsutoya 50th Anniversary Best Album ~ » 2022/10/4 RELEASE 5,280 yen (tax included) 4,730 yen (tax in.) <Édition régulière> 3,850 yen (tax in.)

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