A bundled version including the PS5 main unit and “Horizon Forbidden West” as a set is on sale today! New price after price increase (Impress Watch)

[Voir une autre image liée à cet article]The price is 66,968 yen (tax included) for the disc player model “PlayStation 5 ‘Horizon Forbidden West’ bundled version” and 55,968 yen (tax included) for the bundled digital edition ‘PlayStation 5 ‘Horizon Forbidden West’. ■ “Horizon Forbidden West” CERO Rating: D (17+) “Horizon Forbidden West” depicts the world approximately six months after the story of the previous work “Horizon Zero Dawn”, which sold over 20 million copies worldwide. An epic open world action RPG. (*1) A further evolution from the previous work, with jaw-dropping visuals, moving story, and intense battles that make full use of new gear and actions. In addition, in the large-scale free update delivered in June, gameplay such as “New Game +” that can be replayed with the equipment when completing the main story, the addition of the difficulty level the higher “Ultra Hard”, new weapons and trophies, etc. The experience was further extended. (*1) As of November 28, 2021. □ “Horizon Forbidden West” official website https://www.playstation.com/ja-jp/games/horizon-forbidden-west/ □ Product introduction “PlayStation5 “Horizon Forbidden West” bundled version” Model number: CFIJ-10000 Price: 66,968 yen (tax included)[Éléments inclus]・PS5 and PS4 software “Horizon Forbidden West” downloadable version of the game (product code) x 1 (*2) (*3) ・PS5 main unit (disc drive model) x1 ・DualSense wireless controller x1 ・Charging cable DualSense x1 ・Power cord x1 ・HDMI cable x1 ・PS5 Base x1 ・Printed materials ・ASTRO’s PLAYROOM (game pre-installed) (*2) “PlayStation5 Digital Edition” Horizon Forbidden West “Bundled Edition” Model number: CFIJ-10001 Price : 55,968 yen (tax included)[Articles groupés]・ Software for PS5 and PS4 “Horizon Forbidden West” downloadable version of the game (product code) x 1 (* 2 ) (*3) ・ PS5 main unit (digital edition) x 1 ・ DualSense wireless controller x 1 ・ Charging cable DualSense x 1 ・Power cord x 1 ・HDMI cable x 1 ・PS5 base x 1 ・Printed material set ・ASTRO’s PLAYROOM (game pre-installed) (*2) (*2 ) System software update may be required . Internet connection required. (*3) This game is for Japan. Internet connection and PlayStation Network account required to redeem product code. Product code will expire March 31, 2024. © 2022 Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe. Developed by Guerrilla. Horizon Forbidden West is a registered trademark or trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC. © Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved.

GAME watch, Takayuki Midori (Craful)

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