“Abortion Issues” Hayato Sakamoto Is “Popular” So Takei Talks About the Feeling He Met “There Will Be Lots of Good Women Around”: J-CAST News[Texte intégral]

On September 11, 2022, media personality So Takei spoke about his thoughts on professional baseball player Hayato Sakamoto, whose abortion issues are causing controversy on YouTube.

  • Hayato Sakamoto (Photo: AP/Aflo)

    Hayato Sakamoto (Photo: AP/Aflo)

  • Hayato Sakamoto (Photo: AP/Aflo)

“I know when I meet him, but I think he’s popular.”

Regarding Sakamoto, an article published by Bunshun Online on the 10th reported an abortion problem with a former woman in love based on the testimony of a close friend. Sakamoto and the woman meet at a drunken party and go on a date. Even after learning that he had a girlfriend, the woman who had feelings of regret went to Sakamoto when he called.

According to the article, the woman began having sex without contraception and used the morning after pill several times, but later found out she was pregnant. When she told Sakamoto she was pregnant, she was shocked when she said she wanted an abortion and she attempted suicide.

The Yomiuri Giants responded to Bunshun’s interview that Sakamoto had apologized to the woman and that they had settled through each other’s attorneys. He also said that after the settlement, the woman contacted him several times and the lawyers consulted again to prevent the two men from communicating directly with each other.

On the 11th, Takei-san received comments from viewers on “Takei So and Casual Talk Want Live,” and mentioned Sakamoto’s issues, saying, “Amazing, everyone wants to talk about Sakamoto.”

“Sakamoto, you’ll understand when you meet him, but I think he’s popular. He’s super cool. He has a well-shaped body, he’s tall, has a nice smile, has shiny skin, and has money. . It was a big hit and hit a home run. If you get to know that stuff, the girls will want to get along somehow,” he said of his impression of Sakamoto.

Mr. Takei said, “Hmm…even if you don’t date, you’ll probably end up feeling good. There’s probably a lot of nice women around you. ….. When I (the treatment) is lowered, I guess (my feelings) will turn into resentment.”

Mr. Takei chose his words carefully and said, “I wonder how it feels to be leaked by someone who doesn’t know much about it. Well, he’s popular. It’s amazing. .”

Besides that, “I have no intention of saying anything like that about what happened between him and the woman. No. I have no interest in men and women do something wrong.”

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