Bandai Namco Sci-Fi Project Has Begun, Anime Version Cast Has Been Lifted – Comic Natalie

  1. SF project launched by Bandai Namco Group, ban on distribution of animation versioncomic natalie
  2. Burnham’s new work “SYNDUALITY” will be released in 2023. TPS[State of Play]where you wear a powered suit, collect rare materials from beautiful planets, and battle giant
  3. New large-scale SF project “SYNDUALITY” officially announced. Details will be revealed during the live broadcast on September
  4. PvPvE shooter for girls and mecha “Sinduality” has been announced. In the post-apocalyptic future, fight against aliens with AIAUTOMATON
  5. A science fiction project that will also be developed into an anime has started! Preview of PvPvE shooter “SYNDUALITY” releasedGame*Spark
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