[Commentaire]Reverse offensive of the Ukrainian army in the eastern part of the Putin regime

The Ukrainian army is intensifying its overthrow offensive in the eastern region of Kharkiv, including the alleged withdrawal of Russian troops. Independent media opposed to the invasion bluntly report that Russian forces have “withdrawn from Kharkiv”. Kiselev, a well-known state television presenter, also commented on his show saying that the past week has been “one of the toughest weeks”. This reversal offensive would be the largest ever carried out by the Ukrainian side since the start of the military invasion. Even the media that supports the Putin administration cannot suppress the negative information that comes out. It seems like it was such a big pain. On the other hand, the Russian military has once again emphasized its willingness to continue military aggression, and the focus is on the future Putin administration. (The video is 6 minutes and 02 seconds long. It cannot be viewed on data broadcasting.)

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