“Dirty game” for Hayato Sakamoto who has abortion problems. Shibata’s complaint “If you get caught in baseball, you will have no merit”: J-CAST news[affichage du texte intégral]

YouTuber Shibata updated his YouTube channel on September 10, 2022 and complained to professional baseball giant Hayato Sakamoto, whose abortion issues were reported on Bunshun Online.

  • Giants Yuto Sakamoto (Photo: AP/Aflo)

    Giants Yuto Sakamoto (Photo: AP/Aflo)

  • Giants Yuto Sakamoto (Photo: AP/Aflo)

“You are too violent”

According to an article published the same day by Bunshun Online, Sakamoto repeatedly had sex without contraceptives with a woman in her twenties whom he met more than two years ago. When it was discovered that a woman was pregnant, he said, “If you want to get rid of it, it’s better to get rid of it as soon as possible, isn’t it?”

In response to Bunshun’s interview, the giant replied that Sakamoto had apologized to the woman in question and that they had settled through each other’s lawyers. He also said that after the settlement, the woman contacted him several times and the lawyers consulted again to prevent the two men from communicating directly with each other.

In response to the news, Shibata posted a video titled, “I want to save Hayato Sakamoto,” and said, “Sakamoto, you can’t hit from this side. Sakamoto, you have to use birth control properly. You can’t hit the side. night.” He complained. The other day, after mentioning the name of actor Teruyuki Kagawa, who allegedly sexually assaulted a hostess in Ginza in ‘Weekly Shincho’, he said, ‘You guys, if you get a little rich and get a little famous, you can play dirty right away. What is it?” he criticized.

Moreover, Mr. Shibata said, “Sakamoto, you have already done this. Before, you bit a hostess and paid 5.5 million yen. They seem to call it ‘cockroach’,” while quoting what Weekly Shincho and FLASH previously reported, accusing him, “You’re too violent. A little too violent. Compared to women.”

Then, “The Yomiuri Giants are the toughest team in baseball. There have been players whose contracts have been canceled due to scandals. You could be fired because of this incident. ” If you take the Giants baseball and you get kicked out of the Giants, you won’t do anything.”

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