‘Extension of 32 hectares 115 years ago’ The inconvenient fact that the area of ​​the Tuvalu islands, which should have sunk due to global warming, is increasing Population growth and environmental pollution ‘Local factors’ | PRESIDENT Online

The archipelago of Tuvalu in the Pacific Ocean is said to be in danger of sinking due to rising sea levels due to global warming. However, there is a misunderstanding. Atsuo Tanaka, forestry journalist, said: “The archipelago of Tuvalu has grown by 32 hectares in the last 115 years. crisis.”

*This article is based on that of Atsuo Tanakafictional forest](Shinsensha) has been re-released.

Tuvalu in the South Pacific.  Submergence due to sea level rise is also of concern (Tuvalu)

Photo = dpa / Press photo Jiji

Tuvalu in the South Pacific. Submergence due to sea level rise is also a concern = 01 May 2009, Tuvalu

‘Seawater expansion’ bigger than melting ice

When we think of sea level rise, we imagine that rising temperatures will melt land ice in places like Antarctica and Greenland, causing seawater to rise.

But even more important is the expansion of seawater.

Water has the property of increasing its volume as its temperature increases. If the temperature of the water increases with the temperature of the air, it has the same effect as increasing the volume of water, which causes the sea level to rise.

Indeed, many island nations of the oceans (Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean) experience frequent phenomena that cause sea level rise.

Common examples include thinning sand beaches, palm trees on the shore being toppled over by the waves, and waves starting to crash into houses.

Television often shows a scene in which locals stand on the beach, dip their feet in the sea water and say, “This was land before!”

Many cases have a direct impact on the lives of islanders.

For example, there are numerous reports that well water used for domestic purposes has mixed with seawater, that seawater has spurted inland during spring tides, and that small offshore islands have disappeared.

“The area of ​​the Tuvalu Islands” was actually increasing

Tuvalu, an island nation in the South Pacific, has become famous for rising sea levels.

Most of the country is made up of coral reef islands just 1-2 meters above sea level, and the whole country is said to be at risk of submergence due to rising sea levels. sea.

If the sea level continues to rise, the land itself will disappear and people may lose their place.

Consequently, in 2002 Tuvalu announced that it would sue the major powers, claiming that they were not keen on controlling and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and that they were putting Tuvalu in danger of sinking. decided that it would be difficult to take legal action and dismissed the case).

On the other hand, we asked Australia and New Zealand to accept environmental refugees (this was also rejected, and only a small number of them were accepted as labor migrants in New Zealand). Zeeland).

What will happen to Tuvalu? People who watched TV pictures earlier will probably be worried about this.

However, there is a surprising fact here. When I checked the Tuvalu area it was actually increasing.

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