“Fairy Fencer F Refrain Chord” is out today! RPG Tactics where the “song” is the key to the game (Impress Watch)

[Voir une autre image liée à cet article]This work is the latest tactical RPG in the “Fairy Fencer F” series. The “Fairy Fencer F” series takes place in a world where there was once a battle between a goddess and an evil god. A young man Fang, who awakens as a “fencer” who wields the fairy weapon “Fury”, joins the gods with the fairy Arin and the girl Tiara.It is a fantasy RPG depicting the appearance of throwing in a completed adventure. This is the final episode of the series, featuring all of the main characters from the series, plus many unique new characters such as “diva”, fencers and fairies. It’s a completely new storyline, and the main storyline is newly recorded with full voice acting.[Histoire]Long ago, people received knowledge from the goddess, and civilization flourished. To the point that he built a tower that reached to the heavens and completed a weapon that could pierce even the gods. However, the civilization disappeared soon after the conflict between the evil god and the goddess. Then time passed, and now. Fang, a young man-turned-swordsman “Fencer” who wields a special “Fury” weapon inhabited by a fairy, set out to find Fury with his friends to revive the goddess. One day he meets a girl who saves people with her songs and a girl who brainwashes people with her songs. With the mysterious powers of these girls, who call themselves “diva”, Fang’s destiny begins to move forward―― ■Game Overview In this work, “song” is the key to the game, and the diva strengthens the allies within range . You can use special skills to Equipped with a unique “Dramatic Resonance” system that allows you to create a mashup of songs by layering enemy and allied songs, and you can feel the excitement like never before. The area where the songs overlap is called the “resonance zone”, and the effects of the songs increase dramatically. You can enjoy a strategic battle that assembles the game in a high-risk, high-reward situation where enemies and allies are strengthened. Fang (CV: Ryota Osaka) A lazy fencer who always thinks about eating and jumping. In order to regain the memories of her amnesic partner Fairy Arin, she helps collect Furies. He has a bad face and a short-sighted personality, but his simple words have the power to get people involved. Arin (CV: Rumi Okubo) Fairy partner of Fang. Despite having amnesia, he asks Fang to help him collect Furies in an effort to “revive the Goddess”, which is the only thing he remembers. She often argues with Tiara and competes in trivial matters, but sometimes gets along and corners Fang. Tiara (CV: Kaori Ishihara) A young fencer with a polite tone and a dominating personality. When he is mistreated, he feels pleasure and tends to forget himself. He sincerely wishes to bring the goddess back to life, and it seems his own past, which he doesn’t want to talk much about, is involved in that. He has the ability to move in and out between dimensions where the Goddess and God of Evil are sealed. Flower (CV: Yui Ishikawa) “Diva” I met while hunting Dolfa. The song is said to contain power and can give special effects to herself and those around her, undoing brainwashing and healing wounds. There’s a bit of naivety to it, and seen from the side, there are times when he behaves oddly. Grasse (CV: Yoko Hikasa) A mysterious “diva” who appeared before the Fangs. His songs are said to have the power to brainwash people and manipulate their memories. She is allied with Dolfa, but she seems to be collecting Furies for someone called “Master”. ■ Limited edition package[Avantages]・Specially illustrated BOX Special storage BOX with oversized illustrations ・Newly illustrated “Clear Art Trio” A set of 3 clear arts featuring Arin, Tiara and Fleur. Specially drawn specification that becomes an illustration when 3 types are stacked ・”Soundtrack CD” 2-disc set A CD containing 12 vocal songs sung by a diva and a total of more than 40 songs recorded in this work Luxurious Pippin @ 2-disc set Paper Craft Unidentified Mysterious Creature Paper Craft * It will end as soon as the quantity runs out. Be sure to check with each store when booking. ※The picture is a picture. Images may change. *This bonus is not included when purchasing the DL version. Note that. ■ Digital Deluxe Edition[Avantages]・Advantage app “Digital Art Book” A digital art book that includes various valuable illustrations and sheet music of two piano arrangements of vocal songs. In addition, a newly written short story which can only be read with the digital bonus app is also included. Gaiden’s Short Story * The content is different from the short story included in the “Book visual”.・ Bonus app “Digital Soundtrack” Includes 12 vocal songs sung by divas and more than 40 songs recorded in this work. In addition, Fleur et Grasse’s 72 mashup songs are recorded *Picture is a picture. Images may change. *This bonus is not included in the packaged version. ©2022 IDEA FACTORY / HEART COMPILE / STING

GAME watch, Takayuki Midori (Craful)

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