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“On the 8th, the Liberal Democratic Party announced that nearly half of the 179 Diet members who belonged to the former Unification Church (now the Federation of Families for World Peace and Unification) had some sort of connection.Toshimitsu MotegiThe general secretary said he would make sure within the party that ‘we won’t have any relationship in the future’ (National Reporter)

Shinzo AbeAfter the shooting of the former prime minister (67), relations between politicians and the former Unification Church shattered one after another. Before that, when people heard the word “Unification Church,” they thought of the “mass wedding ceremony” in 1992, and around the same time, celebrities and athletes joined the church.

After 30 years, the old Unification Church is again in question, so we investigated the current situation of “those celebrities”.

■ He looked taken aback by the direct cover of this magazine…

Former rhythmic gymnast Hiroko Yamazaki (62) participated in the mass wedding in 1992. In 1989 she joined the group through a friend, but the year after her wedding, after 46 days of persuasion on behalf of her older sisters, she decided to leave the group.

“After that, from 2004 to 2004, I led the rhythmic gymnastics training division and led the team at the Tokyo Olympics. Recently I’ve been on Twitter, but most of the topics were about my favorite idols We also published a book on , and we opened a YouTube channel in August.” (Sports journalist)

I applied for an interview with the company that Yamazaki represents, but he said, “I have no intention of speaking on this topic anywhere.”

In 1992, it was revealed that Keiko Iiboshi (59), who continues to work as an essayist, joined the group. His father, author Koichi Iiboshi (71), played a big role in the reason for his departure.

In October 1992, Koichi held a press conference and said, “I will fight the Unification Church for the rest of my life.” He continued to persuade Iiboshi for two weeks, which led to his withdrawal.

20 years later, in February 2012, Iiboshi announced “Information Live Miyaneya(Nippon TV), he revealed the moment he decided to leave.

“My dad looked weaker than I had ever seen him before. Until then, he was a super giant dad, and he tried with all his might to face me, but it didn’t work. resonated. It was more like the exact opposite. When I saw it, I said, ‘I made it look like that.’ That was a big trigger.”

Actress Mikiko Otonashi (72) is a former believer who joined in 1986. However, with the persuasion of her husband, actor Kunio Murai (77), she left the group in 1992.

“Recently I uploaded two photos of me and my husband to Instagram.” (Another entertainment manager)

At the end of August, this magazine arrested Otonashi, who was going to the theater for the play “Kaze wo Tsuru”. However, when the conversation turned to the former Unification Church, he became confused,

“I’ve already left the club, so don’t remind me! The interview is in the office.”

When I said that, he quickly left.

When I requested a comment from the affiliate office, I received the following response.

“It’s been over 30 years since we broke up. I’ve published all the details of that time in my book. Isn’t it”

According to Murai’s co-author “Wife’s Breasts – 16 Years of Walking with ‘Breast Cancer'” published in 2004, the impetus for joining the faith was her son’s incurable disease. Further, the confusion when receiving is written as follows.

“Even if the child has a fever, even if my husband prevents me from going, even if there are thunderstorms at home, if I am told that I must come here because of my faith, there is something in me that hesitates. “

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