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splash 3]a player who unexpectedly played in the waiting lobby during the online match has become a hot topic. When fighting in this job, you will wait in the lobby to be matched with an opponent or teammate. The idea of ​​killing time using the waiting time is in the spotlight.

As a new element added in “Splatoon 3”, a test shooting range is set up in the lobby while waiting for the match. There you can use the weapons you have equipped to paint the ground, shoot targets, and practice character control. This lobby system is one of the points that has been evaluated in this book, which is the third book in the series, although it has been improved in detail.

It was announced that “Splatoon 3” sold over 3.45 million copies in Japan within three days of its release (Related article). It is undoubtedly a popular title with a large number of players, but due to the large number of players, it seems that it can be difficult to match depending on the situation. And while playing with friends, a player appeared on SNS with a unique game during the long match period. Overseas streamer Failboat, who posted the video, shared how he was enjoying “Pong” with friends while waiting for the game to start.

Pong is a two-player tennis game said to be the world’s first video game. The player operates the racket to return the ball to the screen, and if the ball cannot be returned, points are awarded to the opponent. A game with simple rules that appeared in the early days of video games.

Failboat laughed as he punched his ball-playing friend with his paddle-playing friend in the lobby of Salmon Run, a co-op mode in Splatoon 3. Despite repeated exchanges, the opponent failed to retaliate at the end, and the ball flew in the direction of the day after tomorrow, resulting in a goal.

Of course, “Splatoon 3” does not have a system to play “Pong”, it is a three-person simulation game. They make full use of the new Ikanobori action of this work and play the roles of paddle and ball respectively. That’s all, but it seems to be common in all countries that these small pleasures between friends become a laughing stock. In the lobby, in addition to playing “Pon”, there are also players using Ikanobori to play DVD player screensavers.

There are also players who use the fact that they can paint the lobby while waiting for a match to simply paint over the entire lobby. It’s a habit of “Splatoon” players who can’t help but paint when they see an uninked area. An idyllic way to wait, like turning into a squid and just jumping around, would be nice.

As mentioned above, this is a relatively common use of the lobby to practice aiming using the target’s dummy squid, or to practice using the new action squid roll that you gives an advantage in gunfights. However, from time to time, isn’t it possible to take a breather and wait quietly like this with your friends? And when I’m alone, I want you to paint everything with instinct.

By the way, it seems that the match difficulty issue is mostly seen in the open mode where you are in a bankara match with your friends. Regarding this issue, it seems that the number of participants is low because new players have not reached rank 10, which allows them to participate in Bankara matches. Additionally, even “Splatoon 2” players who can participate in Bankara matches regardless of rank may find themselves in a situation where there are insufficient player counts due to player count variations. By allowing new players to participate in Bankara matches, this issue can be resolved.

There is also the problem of communication errors. In my experience, this often happens when pairing is established. It is expected that this is due to the large number of players, but it is also possible that there is some kind of malfunction in the system. Regarding this, it has already been announced from the official “Splatoon” Twitter account that the update data should be distributed. Depending on the timing of this issue, the player may be penalized, so we would like to wait for a quick response.

Despite these pairing difficulties and miscommunications, players find their own way to play in the new playing field called the Lobby, where they can test fire. I think it’s nothing but a manifestation of his passion for “Splatoon 3”. It will be interesting to see how this enthusiasm develops further.

Splatoon 3 is now available on Nintendo Switch. It has been announced that the first festival of this work will be held from 9:00 a.m. on September 24 to 9:00 a.m. on September 26.

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