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On September 8, the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) announced the results of an investigation into the relationship between 379 Diet members belonging to the party and the former Unification Church (Family Federation for World Peace and Unification). It turned out that 179 people had had contact in the past.

Shinzo AbeAfter the shooting of the former prime minister (67), his relationships with politicians came to light one after another, but before that, the 1992 mass wedding was the first thing people thought of when they heard of the Unification Church. field. Junko Sakurada (64) and other celebrities participated in this mass wedding, and the news surrounding the Unification Church heated up at the time, but what does she think of the current situation attracting attention again?

Sakurada participated in a mass wedding in 1992 and continues to be religious. After making a splash in the world, he was practically retired, but in 2013 he was on the scene.

“In 2013, he returned to the stage for the first time in 20 years at the 40th anniversary event of his debut. At one point, he showed signs of resuming his entertainment activities, but now he is at new muffler.”

Also, there is a testimony from a staff member of a nursing home in Akita that “Around May 2019, Mr. Sakurada contacted me directly and asked me to read aloud to him.” At that time, he frequently returned to his hometown of Akita. and volunteered to visit nursing homes.

“My mother has dementia and is in a facility. That seems to have been the reason I started visiting her. My mother was against the Unification Church.”

She married her husband in a mass wedding and had three children. My husband’s mother passed away in 2016, but according to acquaintances,

“The relationship between the mother-in-law was good, but the mother-in-law had mixed feelings about her son and daughter-in-law Sakurada joining the Unification Church.”

Sakurada remains in the cult even though the people around him continue to oppose him. A journalist familiar with the issues of the former Unification ChurchEight SuzukiHe describes her in the church as follows.

“In 2015, I gave a lecture to about 100 believers at the sect’s headquarters. About five years ago, Mr. Sakurada gave a lecture on makeup and fashion to second-generation believers. I heard that things had been opened up.

Sakurada was said to act as the cult’s “publicity tower”.

“As of the current cult, there is no further sign of Mr. Sakurada being used as an ‘outside’ billboard.Junko SakuradaBy making believers believe that there is no doubt that this is the religion you believe in, the intention is thought to be to solidify the inside. (Mr. Suzuki, mentioned above)

What will happen to Sakurada in the future? predicts Mr. Suzuki.

“Even if the order to disband the cult is issued following this incident, it is possible that the actual situation will not change, just that it will no longer be a religious society. Of course, Mr. Sakurada will not resign. Neither should the group. To Mr. Sakurada There should be no donation quota imposed on them. Different from ordinary believers, they live in a special position within the sect.

Next year, Sakurada will celebrate the 50th anniversary of her debut. Will he appear in public?

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