It’s really impossible… The performance in “Episode 10” just before the final episode is good, but it’s too impossible “It’s so embarrassing that I’m going to break the TV screen” – goo

  1. Really impossible…Although the performance of “Episode 10” just before the final episode is good, it’s too impossible “It’s too embarrassing to split the TV screen”goo
  2. “Tepachi!]Yuto Sano ‘Baba’ ‘Embarrassing Development’ Viewers ‘It’s Too Impossible’ | Nikkan Saizodaily saizo
  3. “Tepashi!” “Sora” Keita Machida and “Baba” Yuto Sano “Buddy is the best” “Sakurama” Mai Shiraishi’s kiss scene is “beautiful and cool”model release
  4. In “the final episode”, even more explosive deaths or “pretty actors” are frowned upon by those who seek… There is no such treatmentgoo
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