“It’s Tougher Than Our Time” Mr. Sadaharu Oh Talks About 55 “Greatness and Valor” by Yakult Munetaka Murakami | Full Count

“It’s amazing to be able to do such intense things in fifth grade.”

Yakult infielder Munetaka Murakami fielded 55 homers, the most for a Japanese player, set by Sadaharu Oh (Giant) in 1964 in a game against the Giants at Jingu Stadium, home of Yakult. In the 4th inning he hit the #54 solo, and in the 9th inning he hit the #55 with 3 runs. Softbank Chairman Sadaharu Oh, whom Murakami stood side by side with, talked about Murakami’s magnificence.

Murakami leads the Central League home run competition. Infielder Kazuma Okamoto, a giant who hit two home runs that day, hit 27, and Murakami hit more than double the homers. Chairman Wang praised the figure, saying, “I think it’s amazing that you show intensity as a hitter. I think it’s amazing that you can do such intense things at the during your fifth year.”

Softbank also suffered a disappointing loss allowing a shot to Murakami in the interleague game. Chairman Oh, who broke a world record of 868 home runs during his active career, said: “I think it’s necessary to be able to achieve a wide angle to some extent at this time, but I can even a home run is normal. A home run that makes you think “That’s amazing!” is completely different, even to the fans. If you can’t hit that kind of home run, you can’t hit as many points as you Even when the ball is held in a straight line it is solid and there is no chance of an opening.

Chairman Wang is also impressed with Murakami’s attitude towards baseball. “Even with the results I have now, I don’t see any signs of complacency, and I think I’m working with the feeling that ‘now is the most important time for me’. So that’s the meaning. Then, I’m solid as a baseball player,” he said.

“It’s not strange for him. It’s not strange, so he can hit more.”

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