Judge, No. 57 in a row from 2 at bats is a dynamic solo of 65 accelerations in pace and momentum, 4 more for the league record | Full Count

In the third at bat of the 6th inning, the No. 56 soloed to right middle

■ Yankees 7-6 R socks (Japan 14th, Boston time)

On the 13th (14th Japan time), Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge hit the No. 57 solo that tied the game on the fourth at-bat of the eighth inning against the Red Sox on the 13th (14th Japan time) . After 10 overtime sets, the team bounced back and won 7-6 to secure their 3rd straight victory.

Judge, who started as “No. 1/ranked middle,” hit three ground balls in the first at-bat and hit the middle forward in the second at-bat. In the 3rd at bat with no deaths in the 6th inning of 2-3, when Pivetta’s right arm curve near the outside of the first ball was caught, the batted ball that extended in the opposite direction jumped in the bullpen behind right midfield and became No. 56 solo. The stadium was filled with cheers even though it was against the enemy.

Plus, 8 innings to chase 1 point again. This time, he swung the slider off his right arm, Whitlock, who had just changed hands, and eventually became No. 57, overtaking the left wing green monster with a single left hand. With an arch strike speed of 100.5 mph and a distance of 389 feet, he started the match again. In 5th at bat of 10 over innings, he avoided showing up, with 4 at bats, 3 hits, 2 RBIs, 1 walk and a .310 batting average.

As the MVP battle with Angels pitcher Shohei Otani heats up, the momentum is building with two consecutive at bats. It became the pace of 65 shots in the season. He was four shy of the league record of 61 set by Roger Maris in 1961.

[Vidéo d’actualité]At the end, outrun the green monster with a left hand!Judge 2’s Astonishing Solo #57 Running

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