Kanagawa Ramen Shop Top 20 Popularity Ranking!First place is “Ramen Iida Shoten Yugawara Main Store”[Évaluation au 12 septembre 2022 / Base de données Ramen](1/7) | Netorabo Research Team

Japan’s largest ramen information site featuring ramen shops in various areas”ramen databasepublishes a ranking of ramen shops based on user reviews. This time, among them,Valuation as of September 12, 2022 Ramen Restaurants in Kanagawa Prefecture“Presentation of the classification.

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#2: Ombre

Second place is “Hikage” in Kawasaki City. Ombre, which ends after about 100 bowls per day for handmade noodles. The menu centers around salt-based ramen, and you can also order black (soy sauce) or dry (chilli oil) for an additional fee. The golden clear salt soup is filled with the chewy taste of chicken.

The popular Shrimp Wonton Men is a hand-wrapped wonton with crispy pieces of shrimp and a bowl topped with char siu. The carefully prepared noodles are kneaded again by hand after ordering and then cooked. The noodles are as thick as udon and have a unique chewy texture.

#1: Ramen Iida Shoten Yugawara Main Store

The first place was “Ramen Iida Shoten Yugawara Main Store” in Yugawara Town. Although located in a non-urban area, this popular restaurant is visited by ramen lovers from all over the country. Reservations are required to avoid queues and crowds. Based on an elegant soup that mixes chicken soup with black satsuma chicken and pork soup with pure black Kirishima Kogen pork, soy sauce and salt prepared with carefully selected ingredients are combined.

The amount of water and the way of cutting the noodles are slightly adjusted depending on the day, and the noodles are served in the best condition on that day. High-quality ingredients such as char siu and wontons are also used for toppings, so you can enjoy a cup of luxury.

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