Masahiro Higashide “I’m alone because I can’t see my child.” Traveling to Eita’s ‘Heartwarming Evening’… The Gap Between Him and An Widens Even Deeper at the Bottom of the Guarantee Halved | Smart FLASH / Smafura[光文社週刊誌]

Masahiro Higashide

Masahiro Higashide with a beard. The official SNS of the fashion magazine “STUDY”, currently on sale, also published a photo of “Hige Otoko”.

The two were called the couple of mandarin ducks. One to a foreign country. The other goes to the old capital.

One day in September, I walked out of a hotel in Kyoto Prefecture,Masahiro Higashide(34).about two and a half years agoKarata ErikaIn addition to the scandal of the affair with (24), in October 2021 after the reboot, it was discovered that a new lover, a half-beautiful woman, had been called to the scene of the film in which he starred. Since the exclusive contract was canceled from the affiliate office in February this year, it became free.

“Currently, Mr. Higashide is acting as the contact person himself. In fact, work on the movie he is appearing in has started, and he has been staying in the Kansai area for a long time since August.” (Entertainment Reporter)

The film “Fukudamura Incident (Provisional)” reports by this magazine that Higashide directly appealed to appear. Documentary filmmaker Tatsuya Mori is the first social filmmaker to direct a narrative film.

When filming began in the abandoned school building, Higashide appeared in a suit that clearly showed his dark tan skin, showing a wild impression with a “bearded man” makeover. After that, in military uniformDr SuidobashiA member of the House of Councilors (60) and other co-stars did well.

On August 29, around the time Higashide was leaving Tokyo, his ex-wife,apricotThe 36-year-old has completed his move to France with his three children and his dog.SRSreported in During my stay in France, IYoutubeThe channel is expected to be the main place of business, and it is said that “there is more than 1 million yen per month just from video revenue” (IT journalist). on the other hand….

“Mr. Higashide, who will ‘start again’ as a freelancer in the ‘Fukudamura incident (provisional)’, but I heard that the performance fee for this time would be several hundred thousand yen. (reporter Entertainment)

Against the ex-wife of “prosperity”, this is exactly the bottom. He has friends who support him.

“While in Kyoto, co-star NagayamaEitaMr. Higashide was invited by Mr. Higashide to drink with other actors. Sometimes Mr. Higashide invites him to “drink in his room” with his co-stars at a hotel. His public reputation may have fallen apart once, but among actors, Mr. Higashide has a good reputation, saying, “He’s humble and he’s a good young man.”

Perhaps because he was preparing for the upcoming party, Higashide was in the supermarket near the hotel where he was staying that night after filming. The basket contained green onions and tofu. There must be some issues confiding in as they are reliable sake-drinking companions.

“When Eita-san and other actors are drinking, he seems to mumble, “Actually, I can hardly see my child and I feel lonely. It’s like a “consolation meeting for Mr. Higashide” (as before). ).

In order to meet the children with pride, I have no choice but to do my best in the work that awaits me!

Photo by Yutaka Yoshida

( FLASH weekly September 27 and October 4 combined

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