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On the night of September 10 (August 15 in the lunar calendar), the Mid-Autumn Moon was sighted in the Kansai region.

When I listened to the voices of the townspeople under the moonlight, I could hear their feelings for the moon.

What did this year’s harvest moon look like to you?

The forecast is cloudy, but…

6:27 p.m.

From the center of Osaka in the east-southeast direction, the orange moon peeks out from the mountain range.

It is the mid-autumn moon of this year.

In Osaka’s Kita district, where the skyscrapers are lined up, on the pedestrian bridge in front of JR Osaka Station, there were women holding smartphones up to the night sky.

“I was looking for a ‘Mid-Autumn Moon’ trend on Twitter, and thought it would be nice if I could see the moon today.”

“No, it’s not cloudy. I didn’t know the moon was that bright.”

All over Kansai

That day, we could see the beautiful mid-autumn moon.

At Daikaku-ji Temple in Sagano, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto, a moon-viewing event was held in conjunction with the Mid-Autumn Moon.

Osawa Pond, a national scenic spot within the compound, is known as a moon-viewing spot, and it is said that during the Heian period, Emperor Saga enjoyed moon-viewing ever since. a boat.

Friends from Kyoto, Fukuoka and Tokyo each prepared their favorite kimono for the day, saying, “I was worried about the rain, but I’m glad I got to see the beautiful moon. I’m happy to be able to enjoy the same way,” he said.

dream on the moon

At the Akashi Municipal Astronomical Science Museum in Hyogo Prefecture, a moon viewing session was held with about 180 people, ranging from children to adults.

A boy who participated with his father, who loves astronomy, thought of the distant moon while looking through a large telescope.

A boy who participated with his father (1st grade)
(Have you seen the moon?)
“I could only see a little”

(Do you wanna go to the moon?)
” Yeah. I want to live on the moon.

(What do you want to do on the moon?)
“I want to make a secret base”

Corona disaster, encouraged by the moon

I met a man walking in the moonlight on a slope leading to a residential area in Ashiya City, Hyogo Prefecture.

Masaru Tomisaka (57) runs a small construction company with a few employees. In the three years of the corona disaster, there were waves of ups and downs in work, and there was a time when incomes fell by 80%.

Even now, the amount of work has not returned before the corona disaster, and the amount of work is 60-70%.

Mr. Tomisaka
“Today is a beautiful month. I feel like they are patting me on the back, telling me to do my best to get through my daily life.

“The last three years have been really difficult. Now is when I want to do my best until the wave of this corona disaster passes.”

healed by the moon

A patch of lawn in the Tennoji district of Osaka, commonly known as “Ten-Shiba”.

A family visiting from Kobe stopped on the way home to watch the full moon.

Father (40 years old)
“My family fell ill with the novel coronavirus, and it was a tough three years. No, it was tough. But when I suddenly saw the moon, I felt relieved.”

“Love Moon Love”

I met many people who were looking forward to this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival.

Bed of the Yodogawa River in the Yodogawa district, Osaka.

Many people were enjoying the full moon, which brightly illuminated the skyscrapers on the opposite bank of the river and reflected off the surface of the river.

A couple married for 36 years. Shinichi Nagata (63), whose hobby is photography, comes here almost every month on the day of the full moon.

It is said that Shinichi invited his wife Yuka (61) for the first time that day.

Shinichi showed me a fantastic image of when an airplane crosses the moon.

Yuka was deeply moved by the beauty of the Mid-Autumn Harvest Moon.

Then, Shinichi-san’s right hand and Yuka-san’s left hand were raised to the night sky, and a heart mark made by joining each other’s index fingers and thumbs was superimposed on the moon.

Mari Shinichi
“The Best Happy Moon”
wife Yuca
“Love Love Moon”

forever under the moonlight

A woman (88) whose hobby is haiku visits the riverbed for the rehabilitation of her husband (97), who has been in a wheelchair since April this year.

“The clouds that take off and light up are also tasteful and today’s moon”

“I also like the atmosphere of the moon moving in and out of the clouds. I’m glad we can see it together. I wonder if I can see the moon until I’m 100.”

nice to meet you on the moon

9:34 p.m.

There was a woman walking across a pedestrian bridge in Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka, looking at the night sky.

I heard that after watching Kabuki with a friend, he walked about 5 kilometers from Namba, Osaka, following the moon appearing and disappearing between buildings.

Women (70s)
“After all, I think it’s the moon that will help me. I’m glad I got to meet the moon. I’m glad I got to see the moon.”

What did this year’s harvest moon look like to you?

Next year’s Mid-Autumn Festival will be held on September 29, 2023.

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