Mr. Shigeo Nagashima’s ‘life obsession’… 444th home run the year after he broke his bones, long-term hospitalization returned with ‘fierce rehabilitation’ | Smart FLASH[光文社週刊誌]

In September 2019, Mr. Nagashima attended the final match at the Tokyo Dome with his second daughter Mina. She supports her father’s fight against the disease (Photo/Kyodo News)

“Since yesterday, my father has been in a general hospital room with injured limbs.rehabilitationbegins His mind is clear and his voice is strong and lively.”

 GiantHonorary Lifetime Director ofShigeo NagashimaAfter M. (86) was taken by ambulance to a hospital in Tokyo, his second daughter Mina announced a comment through the team on September 9.

Mr. Nagashima complained of poor physical condition on the afternoon of the 6th and an emergencyhospitalization. Officials said he had a brain hemorrhage, but was not in serious condition and was conscious as he was treated early.

He overcame many difficulties during his active career and as a director. In 1973, he fractured his right ring finger and participated in the Japan Series with Nankai as first base coach. The team recommended that he retire, but he appealed to continue playing saying, “I want to play and retire.”

On October 8, 1994, during the championship match against Chunichi, he cheered on the players with “Win! Win! Win!” In March 2004, he developed a cardiogenic cerebral embolism and was forced to be hospitalized for a long time.

“Pursuing a relentless rehabilitation, on the front of the stagecome backDid. I really felt the obsession with ‘life’.” (Giant Journalist)

There must be a lot of fans who want to give the words “Win! Win! Win!” now.

( FLASH weekly September 27 and October 4 combined

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