Nogizaka46’s Shiori Kubo will star in a film for the first time

  1. Nogizaka46 Kubo Shiori’s first moviecinema today
  2. Nogizaka46 Shiori Kubo, “I’d Like to Kiss You At Least Once” The First Starring Movie “If It’s the Left, Tonight” Notice & Poster Visual Up!Pop’n’Roll
  3. Nogizaka46 Shiori Kubo is going to act in a movie for the first time! Naive and pure ghost too cute! ? Film “If it’s the left tonight”oricon
  4. Nogizaka46 Shiori Kubo and Toshihisa Hagiwara Partial Video of Their Strange Life Together First Revealed ‘Hidama Nara Tonight’ Visual Poster and Additional Cast Raisedmodel release
  5. 60 second noticeSDP FILM
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