September 17 (Sat) STU48 “Whose Flower Is?”

9moon17Day (floor) STU48Show “Who are the flowers for?”
6:00 p.m.start of performanceRegarding the change of actor(a show)I will make an announcement.

Kai Kokoa, but due to scheduling conflictsa showI will assume.

We deeply apologize for the information after the ticket sale.

About this serviceWe will reimburse customers who cannot show up.

Thank you for your understanding and understanding.

a show(first half only)Kafei’s beloved

* Kai should appear all the way to the corner of the unit.

Please note that there is a possibility of change depending on the situation of the day.

a show(second half only): Force Himehua

STU48Show “Who are the flowers for?”

■ Performance date

2022year9moon17Day (floor)

■ Location

Yamaguchi PrefectureUP ROOM


5:20 p.m. /6:00 p.m.

■ Rates

5600(tax included) 1Beverage¥600separately

■ Seat type

All seats reserved

■ Performing members

Minami Ishida, Mizuki Imamura, Hina Iwata, Satone Utsumi, Serika Ozaki,Kafei’s beloved・Riko Kudo ・Aiko Kojima ・Forcing Himeka・Sara Shimizu, Sayaka Takao, Yumiko Takino, Miho Tanaka, Aoi Hyodo, Akari Fukuda, Rika Soyuki, Natsuki Watanabe


About the refund request

▼ Target Performance

2022year9moon17Day (floor) opening17:20 / Begin6:00 p.m.

Reimbursement request form

[Période de demande de remboursement]

2022year9moon14Day(the water)20:009moon17Day(floor)12:00

[Notes sur la demande de remboursement]

have a ticket
Member ID More
Please log in and follow the application process.severalIDENTIFIERIf you bought a ticketIDENTIFIERdifferent fromIDENTIFIEREven if you request it, we cannot reimburse you.

Please ensure that the person in possession of the ticket completes the application process.

If you do not have a ticket for the performance for which you wish to be reimbursed, no reimbursement will be made.

●2Purchased in batches,2If you would like to receive a refund for both tickets, please apply separately for the applicant and accompanying person.1If you wish to refund a single ticket, please submit a request.

● Refunds will be made to candidates regardless of the number of tickets. Please note.

● Member ID MoreWe will register the refund based on the registered phone number and email address, so please check in advance on My Page.

Be sure to check the status of your tickets in the list of tickets held on My Page before continuing. Please note that if the content of the application is incomplete, it will not be refunded even if you apply within the deadline.

Request per person1It will be both. It is not possible to reapply, so make sure you complete the procedure correctly.

Applications submitted outside of the application period will not be accepted, so please apply within the period.

* If you have made a request, please do not touch the electronic ticket and bring it as is.

No refund will be granted if the ticket is cut by mistake on the day of the performance.

*For those who applied, we will refund after the performance only if we can confirm that you purchased a ticket for the performance you applied for and did not enter.


Refunds are provided by Econtext Inc.POSTAL CASH” services.

Used when purchasing ticketsPlus Member ID(Old:EMTG-ID) checked incomputerAn email will be sent to you with instructions on how to proceed with the refund.

If you are not registered, it will be sent to your mobile email address.

Again, please check your registered email address on the My page of Ticketpla. If there are any changes, please do so as soon as possible.

2If you have purchased more than one ticket, we will send you an informational email and refund your money.

We will refund the ticket price and various fees depending on admission status. (Convenience store settlement fees are not included. )


My page


Also, if you have anti-spam measures in place (specified domain reception, etc.), be sure to “plusmember.jpPlease define your settings in order to be able to receive e-mails from

If you do not receive the email, please also check your spam folder.


If you cannot confirm the refund, or have any questions, please contact us as follows.

Your refund will be2022year9We plan to do this towards the end of the month.

[Demandes de remboursement]

Ticketpla customer support

We apologize for the inconvenience, but when you contact us,【「STU48 9“Lunar Performance”Refund issue]andPlease provide your phone number, name,Plus member id(e-mail address)Please include

This email address is for delivery only.

Please note that even if you reply to this email, we will not be able to respond to your questions or requests.



Operating Company Co., Ltd.Tixplus


Depending on the situation surrounding the novel coronavirus in the future, the opening time and performance time may be changed or canceled.

Please be warned.

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