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Doraemon’s new voice actor who was “worried” in Japan… in fact, my relatives are also very opposed

    In 2005, the anime

In 2005, the anime “Doraemon” suddenly changed the voice actors of the main characters. The image is the theme song “Yume o Kanaete Doraemon” (Nippon Columbia)

In Japan, the powerhouse of anime, the change of voice actors for popular characters is big news. Especially when it comes to changing characters who have been in charge of voice actors who have been in charge for many years, the obstacles are endless. Let’s take a look at some of the representative pieces of voice acting change that successfully overcame these high hurdles and public pressure.

In the history of anime over the past ten years, the most shocking change in the world was the change of regulars in Doraemon in 2005 (original: Fujiko F. Fujio). He was also widely reported in the news. He notably did the voice work for Doraemon.MountainNobuyo’s voice is so unique, who the hell is the voice actor taking over? All of Japan watched eagerly to see what kind of voice the new Doraemon would have.

You know the results. Wasabi Mizuta took on the heavy responsibility, but at first, as expected, there was a lot of criticism from the audience. Even though it’s already fate, what surprised Mizuta the most was the reaction of her husband, who is a member of the family. When I took over the role of “Doraemon”, my husband, who is a big fan of Fujiko F. Fujio, said to me, “It’s time to stop. I was surprised that even my relatives were against it.

Well, 17 years have passed since the replacement. People up to student age grow up watching “Wasabi Dora”. At first, Mr. Mizuta was afraid: “When will I be fired?

Also, the anime”Doraemon]the role of GianSubaru KimuraM.’s breakthrough is incredible. When he took over the role of Gian from Kazuya Tatekabe, he was 14 years old. The famous songI am Gian!is sung with a firm boe. Also, Tatekabe was thinking of drinking with someone who would take over the role of Gian, but Kimura was still underage at the time of the decision, so that didn’t happen. It was finally made in 2014 after Mr. Kimura came of age. “I’m sorry I kept you waiting,” he said with tears in his toast. “Voice actor change drama” is exactly a drama.

There are other difficulties for voice actors who have suddenly taken over popular characters…

“Detective Conan DVD Collection: Bi Weekly Book (6)” featuring Kogoro Mouri from the anime “Detective Conan” (Shogakukan).

There are even more voice actor changes for the “addictive roles”. Anime”Detective Conan(original work by Gosho Aoyama), the role of Kogoro Mouri was played by Akira Kamiya, the influential figure, from the start. Mr. Kamiya’s Kogoro, which can be both comical and serious, is at the heart of the work. This is why many fans regretted their departure in 2009.

Mr. Rikiya Koyama was chosen as the second owner. His ability has already been certified, but from the perspective of regular Kamiya Voice fans, something is bound to go wrong. Even so, Mr. Koyama said, “I will cherish the Kogoro created by Mr. Akira Kamiya, and I will put my heart into it not to be rude. I am already the same age as Mr. Kamiya. He has become the “sleeping Kogoro” that everyone recognizes.

The anime”sazaeIn recent years, ” voice actors have been replaced more frequently. In 2014, Ichiro Nagai, who played Namihira, passed away. Along with this, veteran Mr. Chafurin was selected as the Namihei for the second generation. In 2015, Miyoko Aso, who played Fune, was replaced by Yorie Terauchi due to her age. For a while, there have been negative voices on the internet due to voice quality rejuvenation. In 2019, Hiroshi Masuoka, who plays Masuo, was replaced due to his age. He had an unexpected impact because he was often imitated by the comedians of the story. Mr. Hideyuki Tanaka, a veteran, was chosen to succeed him, but there was no feeling of discomfort at first. Now you play the perfect “Brother Masuo”.

As far as I know from the voice actor interviews featured so far, it takes extraordinary determination to take on a national character. Eliminate “discomfort” with the ability … Professionals who dwell on the “drama of voice actor change” are thrilling.


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