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Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture

It was revealed on the 14th that nine members of the Sendai Ikuei High School Karate Club (Miyagino Ward, Sendai City) had been drinking while on an expedition in June. The counselor provided the money and the warden bought the liquor. Club members were suspended from school and counselors were disciplined. The school’s karate club is a powerhouse with a history of participating in national competitions.

Do not report to the Federation of High School Sports Federations

According to the Miyagi Prefectural Karatedo Federation, the incident happened on the night of June 25, when he traveled to Morioka City to compete in the Tohoku High School Karatedo Championship. A club member asked his guardian to buy alcohol, and a close adviser in his twenties handed the money to his guardian. The parents bought more than a dozen alcoholic beverages and nine club members drank in their hotel room.

Another parent reported the incident to the school and found out. The school suspended the counselor and suspended nine club members for drinking. Nine people left. On the other hand, the school side did not report drinking to the Karatedo department of the National High School Athletics Federation, and from August 17 to 20, Ehime Prefecture’s Shikoku Inter High School abstained without revealing the reason.

The federation, which received information on the 28th, questioned the guards and confirmed the incident. On the 7th of this month, he fired a councilor who was a member of the federation’s strengthening committee.

Secretariat “I cannot answer”

The secretariat of Sendai Ikuei Gakuen, the educational corporation that runs the school, told reporters, “We cannot respond (about the incident) because it concerns the student’s privacy. appropriately to the male advisor.”

Hidehiko Sasaki, first vice-president of the federation, said: “Alcohol consumption in schools is not permitted, and the responsibility of counselors who have neglected their duty to stop it is heavy. It is also a problem that the school did not immediately report the incident, and we will admit the fact. I want you to do it again,” he said.

According to the school’s website, the karate club finished fifth in men’s group kumite and third in men’s individual kumite at the national selection tournament in April.

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