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Michael Kieran, head of talent at low-code automation platform, led the implementation of a structured, data-driven recruiting process. The process has helped diversify the company’s workforce, he said.

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“Using data in hiring decisions is essential, but not easy,” Kieran said.

Moving towards a diverse team and workplace is more than the right thing to do. This enables innovation and improved financial performance. This thingDatais also supported by andfast businessAccording to him, the first thing to do is to “actively recruit diverse candidates”.

In case. Hiring is important.

“Consider the total cost of hiring and compensating an employee, the cost of retaining that employee in the business, and the potential costs of replacing that employee,” Kieran said. Next, the decision to hire a certain human resource must be considered. equivalent to purchasing goods worth six figures in dollars (approximately 14 million yen or more). “As with any product or service, it should be based on objective reasoning and data.”

Kieran and use a technique they call structural hiring.

“Structured hiring is what the name implies overall, Kieran says. It means establishing a solid standard of assessment,” he said.

In a recent interview with ZDNet, he said:

  • Why and how uses a data-driven recruiting approach
  • How using data has improved our ability to attract and retain talent
  • What other businesses can learn from the experience

Below is an excerpt from the interview via email. Some have been summarized or modified.

——What was doing before adopting a data-driven recruiting approach?

Before taking this approach, we prioritized what most companies in the world are doing: the companies we admire have had prior experience, coordinating the overall dynamic with their recruiting teams. We used “intuition” to make the final decision.

These factors provide very useful insight into potential matches between candidates and employers, and I think they are always worth using. But in the hiring process, it’s dangerous to focus only on resumes, team dynamics, and the fun of “having a drink” with the candidate.

Continuing in this way for a long time creates barriers to integration in the company, promotes homogeneity in the team, and standardizes the way of seeing things in the organization, creating a disadvantageous situation in problem solving. . For this reason, we focus on objective data to compensate for our bias towards the human system.

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