“Shogo Akiyama is free for 3 years” and visited the barber shop himself on SNS… I told the owner, “I was happy to post that I was cheering him on in Hiroshima for the first time” – TBS NEWS DIG Powered by JNN

  1. “Shogo Akiyama is free for 3 years,” he visited a hair salon on SNS.TBS NEWS DIG Powered by JNN
  2. Shogo Akiyama “Free haircut for 3 years” → Surprise visit by himself “What a beautiful person” The reason why the owner of a hair salon in Hiroshima was impressedJ-CAST News
  3. Shogo Akiyama surprises himself with a ‘free haircut for 3 years’ visit ‘What a nice person’ the reason a hair salon owner in Hiroshima was impressed (September 13, 2022) | BIGLOBE NewsBIGLOBE News
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