Shohei Otani to become Samurai J “Scout”? A Japanese outfielder who doesn’t miss a shot, “Aren’t you going to play for the Japanese national team?” | Full Count

Kwan, a man who misses nothing of the Guardians, “It would be an honor to play for the Japan national team.”

Angels pitcher Shohei Ohtani appears to be playing an “international scout” role for Japanese baseball team “Samurai Japan.” Before the game with the Guardians on the 12th (13th Japan time) the day before, he chatted with Japanese-American outfielder Stephen Kwan. Otani’s participation in the WBC has not yet been officially decided, but he seems to be very interested in the tendencies of Japanese players from other teams, and Kwan revealed that Otani asked him: “Are you going to play in as a representative of Japan?

Kwan, who made his major debut in this season’s opener, sells exceptional bat control. Since his debut, he has not missed 116 pitches and set a staggering record of 15 bases in four games since his debut, which is the most in modern baseball since 1901. Until 12 (the 13), he played in 126 games and had a .292 batting average, 4 homers, 39 RBIs and 14 stolen bases. He leads the Guardians, who are running at the top of the district, as the number one hitter.

WBC can participate from countries with different nationalities if conditions such as blood ties are met. Kwan, 25, has grandparents from Yamagata on his mother’s side and is looking forward to joining Samurai Japan. It is said that he has already contacted officials from Samurai Japan.

“I also spoke to people from the Japanese team. It’s an honor.”

“I said the same to Shohei. If they (Samurai Japan) want it, I’ll be happy to play. But I haven’t heard anything yet, so I’m just waiting.”

If Otani and Kwan join Samurai Japan, Otani will be a good big brother to 25-year-old Kwan. When I told Kwan that Ohtani was also interested in joining SAMURAI JAPAN, I started excitedly.

“Oh my God! It’s an honor to be on the same pitch as an opponent. I can’t imagine playing with him. I’m sure you’ll learn a lot. Just by playing. It’s going to be special just to see this.”

So far, Samurai Japan manager Hideki Kuriyama has visited the United States for an inspection tour and hinted at the Japanese major league call-ups. Otani’s colleague, outfielder Mike Trout, recruited players from other teams to form a dream team for the US national team. Each country strives to form a team. Samurai Japan has no choice but to create the strongest formation. “The man who never misses” who represents the majors wants to carry the Hinomaru on his back and fight with Otani.

[Séquences réelles]Shohei Otani speaks with Kwan of Guardians as Otani approaches and shakes hands at the end

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