“Tsukihime -A Piece of Blue Glass Moon-” Switch Package Version Appears in “Rakuten Super DEAL”! 20% point reduction (Impress Watch)

[Voir une autre image liée à cet article]“Tsukihime” is a feature-length visual novel released by TYPE-MOON in 2000. This work is a remake version, the script was reconstructed by Mr. Kinoko Nasu, and was produced by Mr. Takashi Takeuchi and the staff of TYPE- MOON. The CERO category is “Z” and is reserved for people aged 18 and over.[Histoire]Oh, the moon is so beautiful tonight — Shiki Tohno was seriously injured in an accident when he was young. As cast out, he was sent to live with a distant relative and led a peaceful life when news of his father, Makihisa’s, death arrived. When he was called back to his parents, his younger sister Akiba, who had inherited the position of head of the family from her father, and two servants were waiting for him. A new life as the eldest son of the Tohno family. A family that has inherited ancient customs. Living in a mansion that doesn’t suit you. As the setting of the past conjures up fragments of memory, Shiki Tohno walks past a human-shaped creature – “Tsukihime”, a legendary visual novel masterpiece that was produced as a doujin game in 1999 which we still talk about today. Reborn here after more than 20 years! !

GAME watch, Takayuki Midori (Craful)

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