Tsukuruba Launches Large-Scale Operation of “Kaukamo Showroom Meguro”, a Home Improvement Space Experience Showroom Japan Top News

On September 14, Tsukuruba launched the full-scale operation of “Cowcamo Showroom Meguro”, the third base after Kichijoji and Kiyosumi Shirakawa in the “cowcamo” second-hand housing online market. The location of the showroom is not disclosed.applicationThis will be a mechanism to inform the address only to visitors who have been there.

“Kaukamo Showroom Meguro”

Since March, Tsukuruba has developed Kaukamo’s original fixed-price renovation plan “LifeCatalog – renovation & livin'” (life catalog). Since the launch of the life catalogue, the number of orders for the entire fixed-price renovation plan has approximately doubled.

The Life catalog is a product that allows you to choose one of five “lifestyles” (interior design) depending on the purchase of the property in Kaukamo, and to customize the renovation, furniture and decoration package. plants.

Kaukamo Showroom Meguro, which this time will be in full operation, will be a base where you can discover the space actually renovated by adopting the “Atelier Kitchen”, one of the five lifestyles of the life catalog.

The workshop kitchen features a bespoke L-shaped kitchen that can be used in a variety of ways, such as cooking, eating, cleaning and working. You can also see storage elements such as fixed shelves, knife bars and glass holders.

With the cooperation of ACTUS, the furniture is unified with a Scandinavian vintage taste. It is coordinated with a total of 9 types: 2 types of “HWF series” dining tables, dining chairs, sofas, coffee tables, sideboards and 3 types of chests, which are produced according to the same process as Danish vintage furniture.

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