[U-15]Ryuma Tanaka selected as a member of “JFA Elite Program U-13 Future Training Camp (9.21-25 @ J-GREEN Sakai)” – Matsumoto Yamaga FC

Ruuma Tanaka, U-15 player of Matsumoto Yamaga FC, will attend “JFA Elite Program U-13 Future Training Camp (9.21), which will be held from September 21 (Wednesday) to 25 (Sunday). -25@J-GREEN Sakai )”, then I will let you know.

For details such as schedule,Official website of the Japan Football Association (JFA.jp)Please check more.

What is the “JFA Elite Program”?

The elite JFA U-13/14 program, which began in 2003, plays a major role as a training ground for future Japanese national team players.

Men’s Elite Program activities take place four times a year for the U-13 and U-14, and include training camps and overseas expeditions.
In the elite program, the birth month of participating players tends to be concentrated in the first half of the school year. We are hosting a program future camp.

As with the boys, the U-13 and U-14 women’s teams will each hold three overseas camps and tours each year.

While linking the activities of the U-13/14 boys national training center, female players are selected from the regional and prefectural training centers. Similar to the training center, we aim to “develop individuals” by improving their abilities through friendly rivalry, and we are also working towards “athlete independence”.
In our activities, while incorporating off-field programs (other than football) such as logical communication skills and food education, we will continue to strengthen joint camps and competitions with Korean national teams of the same age once per year from the beginning of each age group. We also plan

Click here for more details on the JFA Elite program

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