Winning streak for the Niigata leader! Yokohama FC lose to “3” gap… 3rd place Okayama also lose, Sendai win after 6 games / J2 Round 36 – SOCCER KING

  1. Winning streak for leader Niigata! Yokohama FC loses to “3” gap… 3rd place Okayama also loses, Sendai wins for the first time in 6 games / J2 Round 36KING OF FOOTBALL
  2. [J2/Albi Niigata]Defeat Kofu 2-1 and retain the lead, 3 behind 2nd place Yokohama FCNiigata Daily Digital Plus
  3. Niigata, who rose to the top of the standings, collided with Kofu in an away game. Okayama challenges Tokushima, unbeaten in 13 matches, with 5 consecutive wins[Preview: Meiji Yasuda J2 Round 36]- SportsNavisport sailing
  4. 2nd place Niigata wins 2nd in a row, 2nd place Yokohama FC loses to Yamagata and is 3 points behind leaders Tokushima 14 games unbeaten / J2 Round 36nikkan sport
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