Yakult Murakami hit Taffy Rose “I’m getting stronger” | NHK | Professional Baseball

Munetaka Murakami, a professional baseball player from Yakult, hit the 55th home run, which is the highest number among Japanese players. Tuffy Rose, who also hit 55 home runs in 2001 with Kintetsu at the time, praised Murakami’s bat saying, “I can’t believe it.

After playing for Kintetsu, the Giants, and Orix, Rose hit a total of 464 home runs, the most among foreign professional baseball players, with a season-high 55 home runs.

In an interview with NHK at his home in Ohio, USA, Rose said, “I didn’t know Murakami, but when I saw the video for the first time, I felt he was a great hitter who could hit curves and straights with a wide angle. 22 years old, unbelievable, he’s going to be stronger and smarter.”

I interviewed Murakami on the 13th of last month when Murakami had 41 home runs. However, after Murakami reached No. 55 on the 13th, he commented, “Murakami-kun, congratulations on your achievement. I hope you set a new high of breaking 60 in the season.” .

And in Japanese, he praised, “I support you. I’m your fan.”

At that time, Mr. Rose had five matches left after reaching number 55, but there were scenes where he could avoid the match, so he did not set a new record.

Regarding Murakami’s record, he said, “If you can hold your own at bat in a situation where the pitchers have to play against each other, you’ll have a chance. After all, you have to hit the ball hard for a shot.” circuit, no matter the ball or the stadium.” spoke

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