YouTuber kindergarten teacher refutes critics of ‘even if there are no kids’ ‘I see dozens of kids in kindergarten’ ‘Experience and knowledge is different’: J-CAST News[Texte intégral]

On September 13, 2022, “Dance!

The topic of the day’s show was “A heated debate over differing views on marriage! Newlyweds versus singles,” and Mr. Ti came across as a unique guy. When the studio talk theme turned into work, Mr. Ti revealed that he was having trouble with his job due to his appearance at Pacific Saury Goten.

  • From the official channel of Ti-sensei

    From the official channel of Ti-sensei

  • From the official channel of Ti-sensei

“He sends advice to parents even though he doesn’t have children.”

Mr. Ti, who has appeared in pacific saury Goten twice before. At the time of her appearance, there was a scene where she gave advice on raising children as an educator, but she was criticized on the Internet, saying: “He has no children, but he sends advice on raising children.”

Additionally, Mr. Ti slammed the antis by calling them “those guys,” saying, “pacific saury-san says it’s funny, but they just say things out of disgust!” It was a situation where the performers were laughing and scolding them, saying, “‘These guys’ aren’t good!”

In response to this, the pacific saury sympathized saying, “No, no, Mr. Ti, I understand.” So Mr. Ti said,

“These days, there are at most one or two children in a household.

Theory development. in addition,

“They have different backgrounds and backgrounds. But don’t make judgments based on whether you have kids or not, or whether you’re married or not, like, ‘Does his advice mean anything?’!”

He shouted loudly pointing at the camera.

In response, the performers burst out laughing, but scolded Mr. Ti, saying, “This is not good!” I calmed down.

(Tomonaga Sakashita, J-CAST News Editorial Service)

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