2022 Meiji Yasuda J1 League Section 30 vs Shonan Bellmare Match Info

We will inform you about the match of “2022 Meiji Yasuda J1 League Section 30 vs Shonan Bellmare” which will be held at Lemongas Stadium Hiratsuka on Saturday 17th.

2022 Meiji Yasuda J1 League Section 30
September 17, 2022 (Sat) 19:00 Kick off Lemongas Stadium Hiratsuka
Shonan Bellmare vs. Urawa Red Diamonds

Final column end time 16:45
*If you are not in the admission queue, you will be asked to line up at the end of the queue, so be sure to get back to the queue before sorting time final.

Standing seats for away supporters Wait times for entrance queues
2 days before the match 10:00 a.m.
* Placement, etc. before displaying the top will not be valid. The time displayed at the start varies slightly depending on the door. Please note.
* Up to 8 people per sheet, etc.

*Customers with tickets for “Reserved Away Supporter Seating” and “Away Supporter Standing Seating” must enter through the outer door.

■ TV broadcast

■ Helper Rules and Helper Items

[Conduite acceptable]
・Post banner (please be careful not to clutter when posting)
・Applause, applause
・Get up to watch or cheer (outdoor fan seats/standing seats only)
・ Drums and other sounds that can be played at your seat (limited to away supporter seats)
・”Shake” or “twist” the towel muffler
・ “Hold” or “wave” the large flag, the waved flag, the original flag, the gate flag, the official flag, the national flag and the official fan club flag.

* Banners, door flags and flags that may be displayed are only those that have been pre-applied and approved by Urawa Reds.

[Comportement inacceptable]
・ Speak up and inspire support
・Speak loudly, clap while singing a song, whistle, boo
・ Support contact with people (high five, cross shoulders, etc.)
・Use of megaphones and trumpets, including Tiger Mega
・Notification, use of the large flag

■ Displaying banners
・Preliminary explanation (introspection) will be held at 3:15 p.m. on the day. Please meet at the boarding gate.
*There is no notice. The display will take place after the doors open.
・Area where banners can be displayed
As for the area where banners can be displayed, the front part of the supporters’ area (the shaded part in the photo below)
Only the last part can be posted
*Posting on handrails and seating area fences is not permitted.

The following actions are prohibited.
・Acts that cover advertisements
・Use of adhesive tape when displaying banners, etc.
・Interfere with the spectator or the operation of the game, or attach it to a place other than the designated place
・Hanging banners or banners intended to hurt people
・Discriminatory, insulting or contrary to public order and morality

・Ticket authentication is required for re-entry.
・PET bottles can be brought.
・In the home team area, it is not possible to watch the match while wearing the away team uniform or cheering items.
・There are no smoking areas inside or outside the stadium.

For more details, please check Shonan Bellmare official website.

■ Spectator label


■ Home game viewing style


■Access to the stadium


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