41-year-old plastic surgery idol ‘unprocessed selfie’ acclaimed before and after public outing… ‘It hasn’t changed’ fan shock: J-CAST News[Texte intégral]

On September 14, 2022, idol MiRichan (41), who published his plastic surgery in his book “Surgery is justice!”, posted before and after photos on Twitter.

  • From MiRiChan's Twitter (@MiRichan_mm)

    From MiRiChan’s Twitter (@MiRichan_mm)

  • From MiRiChan's Twitter (@MiRichan_mm)

    From MiRiChan’s Twitter (@MiRichan_mm)

  • From MiRiChan's Twitter (@MiRichan_mm)

    From MiRiChan’s Twitter (@MiRichan_mm)

“I think the only difference is the brightness.”

MiRichan is a member of the loud idol group “Candye♡Syrup” and is also active on YouTube as “MiRi channel 40s plastic surgery idol”.

MiRichan has appeared several times on television programs as a “XX-year-old miracle” and “plastic surgery beauty”. I’m talking about cosmetic surgery.

In August 2009, when he appeared on the variety show “Jikki Taro ~ Star Status (Secret) Report” (TV Tokyo), he stated that he was “37 to 38” when he started the plastic surgery. At the time of the broadcast, the plastic surgery was supposed to involve “more than 10 parts of the face.” In “Cheating Takeyama’s Saturday The NIGHT” (Abema) aired in November 2019, he revealed that he had spent more than 9 million yen on cosmetic surgery.

On the 14th, MiRichan posted two photos on Twitter, saying, “It’s the difference between a real life of 41 years without treatment and treatment. Normal integrated shooting and usual treatment.” .

The first photo shows MiRichan in a suit with cream-colored sleeves and ruffles and a black body with long half-twin hair. From the tone of the photo, it looks like the first is an unprocessed selfie and the second post-processed.

MiRichan seems to have self-deprecated from the unprocessed photo by adding a screaming emoticon to her post, but in the comments section there are many voices of surprise at the beauty that hasn’t changed even before the treatment.

“Hey! Your skin is so beautiful. Why don’t you have nasolabial folds? It’s a national treasure.”
“It’s amazing that you look so beautiful even though you’re normal. Your skin is so shiny!”
“I think only the brightness has changed. Steady kindness.”
“The processed ones are really nice and cute, but I also love the unprocessed ones. Gorgeous.”

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