A beautiful YouTuber in a miniskirt is “too cute” and flashes a smile in one shot | Full Count

Popular YouTuber “Nakamachi Brothers and Sisters” appeared on the ceremonial grounds

■ Softbank 6-1 Seibu (14th, PayPay Dome)

Before the game between Softbank and Seibu held at the PayPay Dome on the 14th, popular YouTuber “Nakamachi Siblings” with 1.26 million subscribers appeared on the ceremonial pitch. My younger sister, Aya Nakamachi, appeared in a softbank uniform with a short skirt. With a throw of a bound, the room was excited.

His older brother Nakamachi JP was standing right at bat and pitching from the starting position. The ball bounced behind JP, but hit the receiver. He left the mound with a smile on his face as the fans cheered him on.

Aya Nakamachi, who completed the ceremonial pitch, commented, “I’m glad she came in, but control went right… But she came in, so it’s 70 points.” On SNS, there were reactions like “too cute” and “I went to see it too much”.

[Scène réelle]Beautiful legs coming out of a miniskirt… Aya Nakamachi’s ceremonial pitch

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