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2022 Adidas Japan national football team uniform announcement Commemorative uniform gift campaign implementation notice

To commemorate the announcement of the “Japan National Football Team Adidas 2022 Uniform” to be worn by the Japan National Football Team, a uniform giveaway campaign will take place in JFA Passport.

To apply for the campaign, you will need the keywords displayed in the in-game news of the home/mobile version of “eFootball™ 2023”, so please play “eFootball™ 2023” and apply for the campaign.

Campaign name

Adidas Japan National Soccer Team 2022 Uniform Announcement Uniform Gift Campaign

campaign organizer

Japan Football Association (prizes offered by Adidas Japan)

Price content

Adidas Japan National Soccer Team 2022 (Home) Replica Uniform
*Size cannot be selected
* The image is authentic, but the price will be a replica.

number of winners

5 people per lottery

Application method

① Download “JFA Passport” app from App Store
Download here (AppStore/Google Play)

②Save necessary information in “JFA Passport” APP
Please go to “Member Information” in the upper right menu screen and confirm that your address is completely registered. It will be used for shipping products. If your address is not listed or only your postal code is listed, please register from “Set basic information”.
If you are playing a football game, please check “e-sports” from “choose a more detailed competition” in “player or fan / supporter” in “how to get involved in football”.

③ Listed in News in the home/mobile version of “eFootball™ 2023”
*Please check the application keywords.
*Click here for more information on “eFootball™ 2023”
* Click here to download “eFootball™ 2023”

④ Apply from the application page of “JFA Passport” app

Registration deadline

Until 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, September 29, 2022

Announcement of winners

The announcement of the winner will be replaced by the dispatch of the prize. The prizes will be sent to the winners at the end of October.

About the lottery and winning contact

Please note that we cannot respond to inquiries regarding the lottery and winners. Please note that if you withdraw your JFA ID after the campaign ends, you will not be able to win.

About prices

If the prize cannot be delivered due to an incomplete delivery address entered by the winner, a change of address due to a move or the impossibility of contacting the winner, the right to win will be invalidated.
Pricing details are subject to change without notice. Please note.


・This campaign complies with the JFA Passport App Privacy Policy.
・When the application for this campaign is complete, you are deemed to have accepted the application requirements.
・Please note that those who do not have an address registered in their JFA ID will not be eligible for the lottery.
・We do not accept any questions or inquiries regarding winner lottery method, confirmation of receipt of application, win/loss, etc.
・The right to win belongs to the winner, and it is absolutely forbidden to transfer or resell the right to win or the prize to a third party via the Internet. Rights that have been transferred or resold are void.
・If the JFA deems there was an illegal act in the entry or an act inappropriate to the purpose of this campaign, the prize may be invalidated.
・Applicants are responsible for all expenses incurred in applying.
・You can only apply once for each JFA Passport account. Also, you can only win once.
・ Please note that applications outside the application period for this campaign will not be eligible.
・If you have configured to receive emails, we may not be able to contact you with details. Please check your email reception settings in advance.
・The delivery address of the prizes is limited to Japan. You cannot specify overseas.
・The content of this campaign is subject to change without notice. Additionally, this campaign may be terminated without notice due to unavoidable circumstances such as unforeseen events.
・This campaign must comply with the laws of Japan.
・For disputes related to this campaign, the Tokyo District Court will be the exclusive court of first instance jurisdiction.


The Association may modify or cancel all or part of this campaign without notice to the candidates. If deemed necessary, the Terms may be amended without notice to applicants, and necessary steps may be taken to ensure the proper functioning of the Campaign.
When applying for this campaign, candidates should observe the precautions and management mode of the secretariat, and should not raise any objection to the management mode.
Candidates are responsible for internet connection fees and communication fees to apply for this campaign.

Contestants’ personal information will be in accordance with the privacy policy of the JFA Passport app and will be used for the dispatch of prizes and for various communications regarding this campaign. Personal information will not be provided to third parties other than contractors without the applicant’s consent (unless disclosure is required by law).
The Association’s policy on personal information is described in the Association’s “Personal Information Protection Policy” (

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