Attack on DeNA Sano is ‘retribution’ for Yakult OB theory ‘I totally rely on it’: J-CAST News[Texte intégral]

Takeshi Ueda (33), who has been active in professional baseball Yakult, updated his YouTube channel on September 13, 2022. Thinking back to the Yakult vs. DeNA game held at Yokohama Stadium on the 12th, he expressed his opinion from his own point of view.

  • Yakult Murakami (Photo: Reuters/Aflo)

    Yakult Murakami (Photo: Reuters/Aflo)

  • Yakult Murakami (Photo: Reuters/Aflo)

“I was hit by a dead ball with a score difference of 7 to 1.”

In the 7th inning, DeNA led 7-1, and at the start of the 8th inning, Yakult Murakami Munetaka (22) was hit by a throw to the right thigh of DeNA Escobar (30). It wasn’t a big deal, but I didn’t play back defense and was substituted along the way.

And there was a scene where both teams warmed up when DeNA attacked late in the 8th inning. Yakult pitcher Takuma Kubo (26) threw a shot at DeNA Sano Keita (27) in the 1-death-1st-base scene, and Sano bent his body as much as he could. In the process, insulting cries flew from the benches of the two teams, creating a disturbing atmosphere.

Mr. Ueda commented on Murakami’s pitch: “Of course Escobar was hit by a home run last time by Murakami, and it’s a hitter’s destiny to be able to attack the course. A good hitter cannot not be suppressed. if he doesn’t attack close to his body. No, ”he said, guessing the feelings of the benches of both teams.

“I was hit by a dead ball with a score difference of 7 to 1. Yakult is also Murakami. On the other hand, from DeNA, the culminating series after that. Of course, we are fighting for the championship in this moment, but there is also the climax series, so I can’t afford to be comfortably beaten by Murakami.

“Coach Morioka is not the kind of person who would say something out of spite.”

Regarding the scene in which the two teams yelled at each other, he said, “I saw it in the video, but I have no idea who said what.” I was up, but Coach Morioka isn’t the kind of person to say anything. out of malice.

Next, Kubo developed a theory about the inside angle ball that Kubo threw at Sano in relation to Murakami’s throw.

“Of course, if the guy who is the axis of the ally is defeated, it will go to the guy who is the axis of the opponent. Basically, if he becomes DeNA, he will become Sano because he has the best batting average. But, as you can see, it’s completely guess. Aim. Retaliation.

Mr. Ueda responded to the viewer’s comment, “There is retaliation after all,” and replied, “There is retaliation.

Murakami, who worried about the impact of hitting a pitch, started the Giants game the following day, 13th, as “4th and 3rd base”. In the 4th inning, he hit giant pitcher Tomoyuki Sugano’s No. 54 (32), and in the 9th inning, who was 5 runs behind, he hit a three-run off a lot of pitchers ( 23) and doubled with Softbank Chairman Sadaharu Oh’s No. 55 home run.

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