Bloody ’80s Zombie Survival Horror ‘Night At the Gates of Hell’ released – Inspired by Early ‘Bio’ (Game Spark)

[7 images + 1 vidéo]Zombie low poly style PS1

This work is a first-person horror adventure set in the 80s with PS1-like visuals. He is said to have been influenced by Italian zombie movies such as director Lucio Fulci’s ‘Gates of Hell’ and director Bruno Matti’s ‘The Prisoner’ and early ‘Resident Evil’. Players take on the role of David, a widow living quietly in a seaside apartment, and must solve puzzles, collect items, survive hordes of zombies and escape the city. There are 85 unique types of zombies in this work, and it seems like you’ll never encounter the same zombie twice. Also, the enemies can only be defeated by headshots and their movement speed is slow and menacing, so you can experience a tense battle. Survival horror “Night At the Gates of Hell”, set in the 80s and attacked by a horde of PS1-style low-poly zombies, is distributed on PC (Steam). Plus, it’s 1,098 yen, 10% off until September 22.

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